Dancing with fear

  This post was first published at the end of the Seth Godin’s AltMBA in January 2016. The original post was titled “The courage to follow your destiny” which actually inspired this poem: To follow your destiny: A choice. This post was a thank you card for the organizers and some reflections from my experience. […]

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Descending into the shadow

In the realm of the shadow the moon is our guide.   The light of reason and logic will only let you see so far.   Our crutch, our wound, is our guide. Letting us feel our way into our path.   Only through mourning will we be able to explore the hidden land.   That […]

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For our fathers

You couldn’t finish it. You weren’t able to. Yet you started my initiation.   You see, long before I came into this world. I chose you! I chose you from beyond. Knowing that you were going to be the one to make the crack that would lead me back to grace. But you could not be […]

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You, too, should wear children’s underwear on your head! It’s good for your mental health.

Background: This past weekend, at the Performing the World conference in NYC, I participated in a Patch Adam’s workshop where a hundred of us, while wearing underwear in our head, went out to the streets of NY City and marched while singing “Underwear! Underwear! Wherever you go you are in your underwear!”. It was magical! As […]

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  The waves are tall and frequent They crash into the boat and splash my guts. A dizzying nausea creeps starboard And I can’t shake it off. Tumbling from side to side Hanging on for dear life Looking to the sky, praying Angry and grateful! Are these the throes of outrageous fortune? Is this what […]

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